The world's first platform for Tokenizing AI blockchain projects

Hold the Creon Pass NFT and earn passive income from AI Tools

creon pass nft

The Creon NFT pass unlocks access to AI projects, the Creon launchpad, and a ticket to generate passive income through AI-driven tools.

Revenue share distribution from Creon built AI projects

Free and early access to Creon built AI projects

Higher allocation limits on the Creon AI Launchpad

Pre-launch investment opportunities for upcoming AI projects

Creon token Airdrop

Profiting Through

AI Innovation & Decentralization

The dynamic community driven business model of the future

At Creon, we blend the power of AI tools with the dynamic crypto and NFT markets, utilizing an innovative business model to drive profitability. This approach empowers our community, as our NFT and token holders directly benefit from the growth and prosperity of the Creon network, creating a win-win scenario for both our community and for the projects we launch.

Our vision is to support the innovation of AI blockchain projects while prioritizing communities and democratizing profits

Profitability and

At Creon, we handpick cutting-edge AI projects and offer our community and token holders early access and investment opportunities. Our community actively contributes to the growth and profitability of these projects, creating a dynamic ecosystem of innovation and shared success.

Transparent & Fair Decentralized

Thanks to the integration of the CREON NFT Pass, users are given a direct stake in the profits generated by AI tools and projects. This initiative overturns the traditional profit models by putting the community first, allowing them to benefit from the collective use of AI applications.

Launching the

The Creon AI Launchpad represents a groundbreaking opportunity in the realm of AI and blockchain. It is the first known platform for acquiring allocations in tokenized AI projects, offering our community of NFT and CREON token holders early access to innovative AI endeavors.

Limitless Possibilities of AI
& Crypto

The integration of AI and cryptocurrencies presents limitless possibilities, and as pioneers, we embrace the challenges and the extraordinary rewards. Creon isn't just about profiting from technology; it's about actively shaping the future of innovation.


The Gateway token to
the world of AI

Set to debut in the latter half of 2024, the CREON token serves as the pioneering link between cutting-edge AI initiatives and blockchain technology. This innovative token provides NFT and token holders with unparalleled access to our Launchpad, AI tools, and exclusive pre-launch investment prospects.


Driving income and growth through

As an integral part of our project, AI Income offers the opportunity to benefit from a genuine, profit-generating AI-based business. This facet of our initiative leverages the power of selected exclusive AI tools to create a profit stream.


Driving the future of
AI Innovation

The Creon AI Launchpad, an essential component of our initiative, represents a groundbreaking opportunity in the realm of AI and blockchain. It provides the first known platform for acquiring allocations in tokenized AI projects, offering our community of NFT and CREON token holders early access to innovative and promising AI endeavors.

AI Prospects, Market Size, and Development Pace

The AI market is one of the most dynamically growing areas of technology. According to reports, the global AI market is expected to reach $190.61 billion by 2025, with a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 36.6%. The key drivers behind this growth include advancements in machine learning, increasing demand for big data analytics, and growing adoption of AI technology across various sectors such as healthcare, finance, and transportation.

AI Tools and Market

AI tools refer to the technologies and software that enable computer systems to perform tasks usually requiring human intellect. The market for these tools is dynamic and diverse, encompassing areas such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), machine learning, computer vision, and robotics. With a wide range of applications, AI tools are becoming increasingly indispensable in many sectors, from healthcare to finance, retail, manufacturing, and many others.

AI, Crypto, and NFT Market

Artificial Intelligence and blockchain technology are two groundbreaking areas leading new technological innovations. The combination of these two technologies creates intriguing possibilities. For instance, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) can leverage AI to create unique digital artworks or to provide exclusive AI-based services. Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies can benefit from AI by improving security mechanisms, transaction efficiency, and service personalization. Such combination brings substantial benefits for both developers and users, paving the way for unprecedented possibilities.